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name: spiritwinda/s/l: 39/female/crystal beach, fl
~ post time: 10:13pm 7/4/2007 · ip: ~
name: Milissaa/s/l: 34/female/Safety Harbor
comments: Can you please let me know when you have special events like psychics, tarot card readings, mediums, aura readings, etc?
~ post time: 11:01am 6/5/2007 · ip: ~
name: Anitaa/s/l: 50/female/NA
comments: I am new to the Palm Harbor area and found your shop right away! Good to know when I need supplies, they will be just down the street...lovely store

Blessed Be
~ post time: 5:57pm 4/6/2007 · ip: ~
name: Shawna/s/l: 28/male/Mayfield, Pennsylvania
comments: Great store lots of very interesting items. I myself am new to wicca but am very interested in learning more. You seem to have a large supply of books that can help me with this. If you do have any type of classes please email me. Thank you
~ post time: 1:05am 3/17/2007 · ip: ~
name: Scott Harpera/s/l: 31/male/New Port Richey, FL. 
comments: Hello. My girlfriend and I were in your store not quite a week ago. We both completely enjoyed being in your store and speaking to both of you. I think its safe to say that well be back in there again. You have a wonderful store and a great website.
~ post time: 6:04pm 3/1/2007 · ip: ~
name: Elizabetha/s/l: 36/female/Largo
comments: I wanted to join for wicca. I am very interrested. Please email me for some classes.
~ post time: 2:29am 2/25/2007 · ip: ~
name: Paulaa/s/l: 44/female/Holiday
comments: Great website, very easy to find things. Success and brightest blessings to you!
~ post time: 8:18am 2/8/2007 · ip: ~
name: dragonfirea/s/l: 35/female/St. Petersburg, fl.
~ post time: 2:08pm 1/30/2007 · ip: ~
name: Tonyaa/s/l: 33/female/Tampa Bay, FL 
comments: WOO HOO I love the site and I can't wait to come check out the store in Palm Harbor! I'm so excited!
~ post time: 6:02pm 1/20/2007 · ip: ~
name: Anna a/s/l: 50/female/Pennsylvania
comments: Thank you. Great website.
~ post time: 6:21pm 1/7/2007 · ip: ~
name: Red crowa/s/l: 23/male/Toronto, Ohio
comments: I love the site
blessed be
~ post time: 2:28pm 5/11/2006 · ip: ~
name: Asterea/s/l: 44/female/united states
~ post time: 2:39pm 5/1/2006 · ip: ~
name: mesiomas3a/s/l: NA/NA/NA 
comments: Hello! Good site. Nice work! Many information intresting for me. - /mesothelioma lawyers
~ post time: 8:14am 4/27/2006 · ip: ~
name: Tiffanya/s/l: 20/female/Manitoba (Canada)
comments: You have a lot of beautiful items in your store and the catalog makes it easy to navigate. The closest pagan store to me is 2 hours away, so your site is very helpfull! I ordered some things last week and can't wait for them to get here!

Blessed Be
~ post time: 5:23pm 4/19/2006 · ip: ~
name: Ammiea/s/l: 25/female/Ohio for now
comments: I loved your web-site. I have also enjoyed learning about the Wiccan religion and I am willing to grasp it with both hands.
~ post time: 12:58pm 4/18/2006 · ip: ~

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